Westmark - Potato or Noodle Spatzle/Press - Dishwasher Safe - Coated Aluminium

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This Potato or Noodle Spatzle / Press in Coated Aluminium is one of the classic products from the Westmark range. The press has a large capacity for the preparation of Spatzle noodles or potatoes. It can also be used to prepare purees, spaghetti-ice, mashed potatoes or as a fruit press. The handle of the Spatzle / Press is flat and has three notches which allows it to be used over a range of different sized saucepans. By removing the hinge pin, it is splits into two parts for easy cleaning - it is dishwasher safe. The Spatzle / Press is 40cm/15.7in long, 9.5cm/3.7in wide and 11cm/4.3in high.
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