Bodum Bistro - Manual Salt and Pepper Grinder - Easy to Use - Various Colours

Colour: Black
There are some things we just want less of, so let’s free up your kitchen counter, your spice cabinet, your table, or your hands for that matter. There is really no reason you should need a salt grinder and a pepper grinder to spice up your cooking when you can have it all one! The BISTRO salt and pepper grinder does the trick – turn left for salt and turn right for pepper. That’s all it takes. The excellent ceramic grinder is even gradually adjustable and salt and pepper get grinded to your desired coarseness. The BISTRO salt and pepper grinder is easily refillable. It is made from rubber-sprayed plastic which gives it a non-slippery finish and a good grip. It has a diameter of 7.5cm/3in and a height of 12cm/4.7in.
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